Contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming

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    Contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang global warming,

Dalam contoh pidato bahasa inggris ini merupakan naskah yang telah disampaikan dalam rangka pidato tentang tema lingkungan hidup. Dalam tema yang terbaru ini ( yaitu tentang global warming ) atau tentang pemanasan global.

Contoh pidato global warming / pmanasan global dalam bahasa inggris ini hanya sekedar contoh, jadi untuk pengembangan dan perubahan bisa disesuaikan menurut konteks dan kebutuhan. Semoga contoh pidato bahasa inggris tentang pemanasan global ini bisa bermanfaat.

global warming

 This is Sample:

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman! First, we have thanks to the God, because we can be here today. I stand here to deliver my speech. My speech is about global warming. Since one hundred years ago, our earth temperature increases for about 0,18 until 0,74 degrees Celsius, and especially in the last century, we know some disasters happened in our earth such as flood, forest fire, ice melting, and many others. As example, flood happened in the sensitive area or in the low earth surface, but now flood often happen in the higher area. There are some factors that cause global warming, they are

  1. Green House Effect

Green house can prevent the hot air inside the glass to steam, so the air inside the green house is so hot. We can know green house effect in our earth, poison gas as the glass, so, our earth will be hot if there is poisonous gases above our earth. The kinds of poisonous gas are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water fume, methane. They are called green house gases.

The real green house is not a reason of global warming.

  1. Feedback effect

The conclusion of feedback effect is if many people product pollutant, it cannot stopped.

It can happen because if the air hot, the volume of water fume that evaporate will increase, so the temperature will increase, because water fume is one of green house gas that prevent hot air to go up.

  1. Solar Variation

Variations in solar output have been the cause of past climate changes. This factor has differentiation with green house effect, they are, solar variation will make hot the stratosphere, but the green house effect will make cold the stratosphere.

  1. Ozone layer will become thin

The function of ozone layer is protect earth from ultraviolet light. If there isn’t ozone layer, we can get skin cancer. Ozone layer will become thin if there is leak CFC gas (Chlorofluorocarbon). It’s a gas can make a reaction with ozone. CFC can make holes in the ozone layer.

Global warming can cause many effects, but in general it includes in three effects, they are

  1. Climate and weather become labile

We could predict the weather some years ago, but now we cannot predict exactly. It happens because our nature is broken. The temperature of air will be extreme between afternoon and night. Some scientists predict the northern hemisphere will be extreme than southern hemisphere.

  1. Sea surface increases

The volume of sea water will increase because  ice melting, especially in the north pole. It can cause flood, and sink some lower island. Ice melting can break the polar animal’s habitat, like penguins, polar bears, walrus, and the others. Every month the ice that melt for about as big as New York.

  1. Ecological System

Global warming can break the ecosystem and nature in the earth. Many plants and animal died because the temperature increases. The animals will go to the peak or migrate to near the pole because the forest will be hot.

We can prevent global warming with many steps such as:

  1. Protect the nature from the hunters.

We must protect our nature from animal and plant hunters because they will kill animals and trees for their business.

  1. Make an agreement for a country to decrease number of pollution.

An agreement can make the people in a country love their nature because they love fresh air for breath.

  1. Go green with bike

If we will ride the bike, we will not make pollution, especially air pollution.

  1. Plant many  trees

Trees can decrease carbon dioxide and product oxygen. It can make the air fresh and healthy.

Despitefully product oxygen, trees can hold soil and prevent landslide.

It’s enough for my speech. I’m so sorry if I have a mistake. Thank you very much for your attention.


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