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berikut adalah contoh paragraf / contoh karangan bahasa inggris yang bisanya untuk tugas pembuatan karangan sederhana dalam materi pelajaran bahasa inggris terutama SMA.

Karangan Recount

 Essay ( No. 1 )


Last Christmas, the circus owner, Jimmy Gates, decided to take some presents to a children’s hospital. Dressed up as Father Christmas and accompanied by a ‘guard of honour’ of six pretty girls, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant called Jumbo. He should have known that the police would never allow this sort of thing. A policeman approached Jimmy and told him he bought to havegonealong a side-street as Jumbo was holding up the traffic. Though Jimmy agreed to go at once, Jumbo refused to move.

Fifteen policeman had to push very hard to get him off the main street. The police had a difficult time, but they were most amused. ‘Jumbo must weight a few tons,’ said a policeman afterwards, so it was fortunate that we didn’t have to carry him. Of course, we should arrest him, ut as he has a good record, we shall let him off this time.


Essay ( No. 2 )


I had the great honor of being able to call Kevyn Aucoin, my friend. He was not only a magnificent artist, but more important, a magnificent human being. My older sister, Liza Minnelli, introduced us in 1991. We instantly hit it off.

Kevyn did my wake-up photo shoots with my sister and for the 1993 Tony Awards. But I will always remember the day we spent together in my bath room. Kevyn taught me how to do my own make-up. He told me to stop plucking my eyebrows every five minutes and, we were finishing, he made a list of what he used. I asked him to come to Bloommingdale’s with me, fully expecting him to say “No,” but he said he’d love to and off we went.By 6.30 p.m, we had shopped our brainsout and laughed so much that we were exhausted. I got into a cab and kissed him good-bye.

Over the years, I’d also buy Allure every month to read his column. His work has truly made wake-up as important as fashion.Spending time with Kevyn was like being hugged. He was an angel and all of us who knew him were lucky.


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