Contoh Karangan Naratif ( Narrative) Bahasa Inggris SMA

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Berikut contoh karangan naratif dalam bahasa inggris, dalamcontoh karangan ini bebentuk paragraf  naratif / narasi namun dalam bahasa inggris. soalnya kalau mau untuk latihan ujian sering ditugas untuk mencari atau membuat contoh paragaraf atau membuat karangan dalam bahasa inggris, sehingga contoh ini saya up semoga manfaat:

Karangan Narrative


Essay ( No. 1 )

One fine day, a sly fox saw a crow fly fast. The crow settled on the branch of a tree. In her beak was a piece of delicious cheese.

The fox was hungry and wanted the cheese for himself. He walked to the foot of he tree.” Dear Mistress Crow,” fox said in his kindest, softest voice.

“ How fine you look today ! Your feathers are the shiniest and your eyes are the brightest I have ever seen,” the foc continued saying.

“You are by far the most beautiful birds. I’m sure your voice is the sweetest I have seen heard. Sing me just one sweet song to prove it, and I will call you “Queen of all the birds.”

The happy crow opened her beak to caw. The cheese fall to the ground where is was snapped up by fox. “Here’s come some advice in exchange for you cheese,” the fox said to the foolish crow. “Do not trush flatterers”!


Essay ( No.2 )

There was once a woman who wanted a small child but didn’t know where to get one. So she went to a witch for help. “A little child?” said the witch, “That’s easy. Here’s a magic seed. Plant it in a flower pot and see what happens!” The woman thanked the witch,paid her with a piece of silver, and went home to plant the magic seed. As soon ai it touched the soil, the seed grew into a tulip, whose flower opened with a pop. In the middle of the flower sat a tiny girl.

“Why, the pretty little things is hardly as big as my thumb!” cried the woman. “I’m going to call her Thumbelina.”

The woman made Thumbelina a bed from a walnut shell. Instead of going out, Thumbelina played on the kitchen table. Her favorite game was sailing across a bowl of the water in a boat made from tulip leaf. As she sailed, she sang in a high, sweet voice.

One night, an old toad got in trough an open window an hopped down onto the kitchen table. “Just the wife for my son!” the toad declared when it saw Thumbelina sleeping in her tiny bed. The toad picked up the walnut shell and hooped out trough the window into the garden. At the bottom of the garden, there was a stream with muddy banks, and that was where the old toad lived with her son. He was even damper and uglier than his mother. When he saw the pretty little girl a sleep in the walnut shell, all he could say was, ‘Ribbik! Ribbik!”. “Not so loud!” whispered the old toad. “If you wake her up, she’ll run away. We’ll put her on a water-lily leaf in the middle of the stream so she won’t be able to escape, then we can clear out the best room for the wedding.”

In the morning, when she woke up, Thumbelina was startled to find herself on a big green leaf in the idle of the stream.

Under arsip:
Post Category :  Contoh Karangan Naratif ( Narrative) Bahasa Inggris SMA

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