Contoh Karangan Deskriptif (Descriptive ) Bahasa Inggris SMA

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Karangan deskriprif merupakan karangan tentang deskripsi atau penggambaran tentang sesuatu. dalam contoh karangan paragraf descriptive ini sebagai contoh untuk membuat contoh tugas kuliah untuk membuat karangan bahasa inggris.

Karangan Descriptive


Essay ( No. 1 )

Handphone is a telecommunication device. There are many type of handphone now like Smart Phone, Phone modem, Android handphone and much more. The classifier of handphone usually as square, many button, screen.


Handphone in every day very help many people in the world, because with existence handphone we can telecommunication people for one place to another places, handphone also can entertain we with the complete fiture like MP3 Player, Radio FM, WIFI, WEB, MP4, SMS, Chatting and much more.

Without handphone we don’t know what will be this the world.

Essay ( No. 2 )

Curug Pitu is a tour place in Banjarnegara. It is located in Kemiri village and in territory mountain. We can see sevent water fall in Curug Pitu. The water is so clean and cool because from mountain. In Curug Pitu we also can see animal as bird, snake, deer, etc.


Banjarnegara and people must rightfully proud have Curug Pitu and save the Curug Pitu.

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Post Category :  Contoh Karangan Deskriptif (Descriptive ) Bahasa Inggris SMA

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